We are chimney sweeping specialists.

Specialist Chimney Sweeping with the right Equipment

 A specialist industrial vacuum is used to ensure that the immediate area and fireplace are kept clean and tidy, meaning our service will cause minimal disruption to your day & property.

At Rance & Broom, we make use of both power sweeping and traditional sweeping techniques.

We also remove bird’s nests and other blockages that become apparent during the sweep.  We are fully competent in camera surveying and smoke pressure testing and able to supply and fit bird guard /cowls if required to prevent future issues repeating themselves.

The flue is also sealed; ensuring minimum disturbance and mess is created.



Everyone at Rance & Broom has many years of experience in this industry. So, you can count on us to get the job done. We keep up-to-date with regular training and making sure everyone on-site is familiar with health and safety protocols.

Customer Service

Here at Rance & Broom, we want nothing more than to give you the best possible service. Which is why, we will ensure that the service and quality you set out for is met. Making sure you are happy with the service we’ve done is so important to us.

We deliver

We deliver results. We pride ourselves in being consistent in giving all of our customers the best possible service. At Rance & Broom, we go above and beyond to give you the service you set out for and you deserve. Contact us today!

Insurance backed Chimney Sweeping

After every cleaning and sweeping procedures we complete, an insurance backed certificate is issued as evidence of a compliant clean happening to evidence your chimney care.

 Rance and Broom are a fully qualified team, and so this certificate will satisfy all home insurance requirements and act as a record of any problems or issues which may have been identified as part of our chimney sweep and clean.

Chimney Sweeping FAQ’s

Why Do You Need Your Chimney Cleaned Regularly?

Chimneys need to allow a free passage for the gasses and fumes created by fire to escape your property. These gasses and fumes cannot only be dangerous but extremely unpleasant for you and your home. Each time your fireplace is used, soot will accumulate inside of the chimney. Over time this will build up and reduce the size of the flue, limiting the upwards draw of the smoke. This can lead to difficulty in the smoke escaping, meaning the threat of smoke inside your home, damaging health and interiors. In the case of a fire, an insurance company will likely request a certificate to prove you have maintained your chimney correctly. Rance and Broom provide this peace of mind to you.

What Does Chimney Sweeping Do?

Regular chimney sweeping will remove any build-up of soot, birds’ nests, cobwebs and anything else that could block the flue of your chimney. Using highly powerful yet precise chimney cleaning equipment, Rance and Broom will thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the chimney, leaving the chimney running efficiently and your fireplace in a tidy and clean condition.

Can I Clean My Chimney Myself?

Chimneys cannot be cleaned properly with just a household vacuum. The likely result will be a damaged vacuum and a messy living area as these vacuums are not designed to capture such an intense influx of such materials.  They will also only be able to clean the soot that falls from the chimney and not the build up from inside the flue that causes the blockages.  Often there are other items in the flue that will need to be removed carefully which can be dangerous and extremely messy if not handled with care.

How Often Do I Need to Get My Chimney Swept?

Once a year is often enough to have your chimney cleaned for most households who occasionally use their fireplace in the evening or regularly at weekends, with the supplied cleaning certificate being renewed yearly to demonstrate this care.

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