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Chimney Repairs

Rance and broom are pleased to provide a range of chimney repair solutions to solve all your chimney problems.

We offer a wide range of chimney repairs options based on the specific issues you are facing with your chimney.

Unfortunately, even the best maintained chimney will be subject to cracking and other forms of damage over time. A damaged chimney may be because of extreme weather conditions, previous failure to look after the chimney, or timely wear and tear.

Why do I need to repair my chimney?

It is common for individuals to think that damage might be adding character to their chimney or is unlikely to cause any lasting damage if left unattended. This is far from the truth. Leaving chimney damage can present in the worst case’s a threat of fire or collapse and in less serious circumstances smoke damage to the property and devaluation. All are undesirable as a home owner.

Cracked Chimney in need of repair work like that completed by Rance and Broom

What are some signs to look for in a damaged chimney?

Signs of a damaged chimney can be as obvious as visual damage to the outside of your chimney or subtle and completely hidden. While having an expert chimney sweep examine your chimney will always assure diagnosis of any issues you can also keep an eye out for the likes of a draft in the property or damp patches on internal walls. These common signs mean your chimney is not air tight and could be damaging your entire property.

Did you know…?

We work closely with local roofing and building companies to repair any damage correctly, whether a chimney needs re-structuring or the cracks need filling. We have the connections to provide a professional, cost-effective job on your chimney. Assure your chimney gets the correct diagnosis and only the repairs it needs.

At Rance and Broom we specialise and work with industry professionals in many areas of chimney repairs. This assures the best solution is provided when fixing your damaged chimney, no matter how big or small the project.

Rebuilding a damaged or old chimney, repointing a chimney’s mortar work, fitting and repairing cowls to keep birds and elements out or replacing lead work around your chimney are all part of the wide range of services we offer.

Get in touch today to speak to us about our chimney repair services.