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Why you need to hire a reputable Chimney Cleaning Contractor

Chimney cleaning should be left to the professionals! Here’s why…

How often do you consider the maintenance of your chimney? Do you clean and regularly maintain this centrepiece of your property or does it sit there night and day collecting soot and dirt as the years go by.

Autumn nights are now drawing in and there is nothing more comforting than a warm home. It is the ideal time of year for regular use of your fireplace. However, if your chimney has not been looked after up until now you could face serious issues as you start to use it more regularly. This includes not using a reputable chimney cleaning contractor.

Why do I need to clean my chimney?

Over time all manner of materials can build up in your chimney. Soot and dirt, birds nests, loose rubble and other foreign objects can endanger your fireplace. Frequent use leads to unavoidable wear and tear. A reputable chimney sweep will be able to spot this damage early and be proactive, saving you time and money in the future.

Can I clean my own chimney?

Professional chimney sweeps use specialist equipment such as industrial vacuums and specially designed brushes to maintain your chimney as effectively as possible without damaging the structure. Attempting this yourself without the correct equipment may well lead to a damaged vacuum cleaner, a messy living area and an unstable chimney. Your domestic vacuum is not up to this job unfortunately. As we also mentioned previously, a qualified chimney sweep will spot any issues with the structure that an untrained eye will not.

Ultimately you are likely to put yourself in harm’s way if there is loose debris, your health at risk from inhaling soot and your home in danger as it may well end up covered in soot. A professional chimney sweep will avoid damaging your home and leave you with a pristine chimney.

How often should I get my chimney cleaned?

It is recommended your chimney is swept once every year, especially for those who are using the fireplace regularly. You home insurance provider may also request a certificate to evidence this has been completed, which only a reputable sweep will be able to provide.

How can I recognise a reputable chimney sweep?

Rance and Broom are Guild of Master qualified chimney sweeps. This standard in the UK is evidence that a chimney sweep has the necessary expertise to deal with your chimney year after year, certify its upkeep and leave you warm all year round.

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